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Trouble in the market...

A new adventure for the Family Fantasy RPG (FFRPG) game "Fairies of the Mistglade". Guide your young fairy champions as they discover the source of the chaos stirring during the festival.

Our system aims to introduce tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) to children in an exciting and engaging way in order to promote problem solving, imagination, and creativity. Our children's game is based on the 5e rules used in the most popular TTRPG system.

**The Core PDF is required to run this adventure**

This is a supplemental adventure for the game "Fairies of the Mistglade". Click on the image below to purchase the core PDF with the rulebook.

Core PDF

This PDF is required to play "The Bothersome Boggle"

This title contains...

  • The Bothersome Boggle adventure (nine chapters over twelve pages)
  • Coloring/Activity Sheets and Character Sheets

Three Age-Based Tiers

The FFRPG system uses a three-tier system to allow for gameplay from ages 3 and up! Starting at Tier I, players use interactive story-telling to complete tasks. Advancing into Tiers II and III, adventures add more complex TTRPG features such as combat and dice rolling.

Core Abilities

Each character class uses TWO of the FIVE core abilities. These core abilities grant skills, increasing in number and complexity at higher tiers.


The Ranger

Rangers are masters of the wild and superior hunters. They are skilled with the longbow and nature magic, often befriending an animal companion to walk by their side.

Storybook Illustrations

Our game is different from other children's RPGs in that we provide storybook style illustrations to help spur creativity in young players. This is especially helpful at TIER I to create an interactive storytelling environment.

Coloring and Activity Sheets

To supplement the gameplay, we have provided puzzles, colorable character sheets, and paper miniatures. Additionally, each adventure contains several activities that involve challenges, puzzles, and map creation.

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Contributors / Credits

  • Cover art by Next Mars Media studio
  • Character art by Jordan Cardenas (@sucworf on instagram)
  • Maps and storyboard art created using Inkarnate with a Pro subscription.
  • Special thanks to support from family and friends. Playtesting by Catch, the almost 4 yr old. paladin.


This game was created under the OGL v1.0a by Wizards of the Coast. The complete copyright notice can be found within the PDF.

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